Yolanda adams donnie mcclurkin dating

"My son is releasing me to love." The "We Fall Down" singer has also been transparent about his battle with homosexuality in the past, which he insists he has been delivered from.When the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage earlier this year, Mc Clurkin was as outspoken as ever about the ruling.Christian has done this to me quite a few times so I'm not surprised but I am very disappointed in this.Yes Pastor Donnie is in a relationship but he hasn't made any announcement."You can't call me a homophobic if I've been a homosexual," he said on the radio show.When it comes to gospel music, nothing strikes my mind except Yolanda Adams. The multi-grammy award winner was first married to Troy Mason in 1987.

Christian Post originally reported that while visiting the TBN network ministry show , Mc Clurkin revealed to everyone watching that he and Mullen are getting married.

No one should steal the joy of making a wonderful announcement like this.

Donnie Mc Clurkin may tour the world as an award winning gospel music superstar, but the heralded pastor is also a single man who admits he gets lonely.

"With NO REGARD to what the Supreme Court of MAN decrees ...

no matter what MY past was or feelings & struggles ... "I know, I know, I've done many things in this regard wrongly, but that only qualifies me to address it!

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