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A California woman has sued the online dating service Match.com, saying a man she met through the service sexually assaulted her. Webb, who represents the Los Angeles entertainment executive called "Jane Doe" in the suit, told the Los Angeles Times Wednesday he would ask a County Superior Court judge for a temporary injunction prohibiting from signing up more members until his client's demands are met.

In a separate case, Wurtzel was charged with two felony sexual assault counts in Los Angeles Superior Court last year. The lawsuit asks for a temporary injunction barring the site from signing up more members until Webb's client's demands are met.

Webb said basic screening would have prevented the attack and revealed Wurtzel's history.

But after a second date, he allegedly followed her home and forced himself on her.

Doe went online after the attack and found her date allegedly had been convicted of several counts of sexual battery.

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A New Jersey woman is suing a matchmaking service she accuses of setting her up with a man with three drunken driving convictions and a criminal warrant."It's not like you have one product and you can tell if it's defective. The website states: 'In today's society, it's important to consider the safety of our members.3- A widower finally ready to move — who was exposed as a pathological liar when his supposedly dead wife actually called Daggett!The man then stalked her after she ended things with him; he eventually was busted for bank fraud. This stuff happens in the dating world, but it's not supposed to happen after a highly expensive screening process!

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