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By the time she realizes her mistake, she could no longer find a way to keep in touch with her parents again.Left without a choice, she moves on with her life and starts to raise a family of her own.Synopsis: Maalaala Mo Kaya (MMK) is dubbed as the longest-running drama anthology on Philippine television with Charo Santos - Concio narrating real-life stories of ordinary people in this award-winning masterpiece that takes pride of its well-crafted storylines, excellent performances and topnotch production details.For over two decades, Filipinos from all walks of life from all over the world send in letters, sharing life lessons learned from personal experiences.To prevent any conflict, their number one rule is that they won't keep any secret from each other.But then the barkada's common crush becomes attracted to Rhiamae who begins to meet him without telling her friends.This episode mainly focuses on the life story of Jerome Concepcion, a man suffering from Tourette's Syndrome, a mental disorder that is caused by involuntary tics.

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Curing is crushed when her parents ask her to stop schooling three months before her graduation because they have no money.Santa, a woman who stands to lose everything she values in life.First, she is forced to give up her dream of being a singer when she marries her boyfriend Pete.A story of age, generations of servitude, and the extent of a daughter's love for her family.Mae Ann, a girl who was forced to stop schooling and had to work as a maid at a young age, while Bining, her mother who comes in conflict with her daughter after tragedy struck their family.

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