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"They are reluctant to ask for help because they feel it's shameful." Japan's economy has been shrinking for the better part of the last decade.Senior citizens have continued aging into their 80s, 90s, and 100s, while younger generations have largely stagnated in having children.Some charities around Japan have begun catering to the new crop of abandoned elders, even setting up "senior citizen postboxes" (offices where people can be dropped off) to standardize the practice as best they can.The charity will then transfer the family member to a local retirement home, where they can receive the care they deserve.

You will see every interaction in the worst possible light: “she doesn’t like me, she’s clearly repulsed by me, she’s only being polite, I’m misreading the signals” This apparently unending stream of reinforcement will only serves to perpetuate a vicious cycle; your self-limiting beliefs cause you to overlook evidence to the contrary, thus reinforcing the belief which, in turn, continues to make it impossible to see the truth. Believing in yourself – that you’re attractive, that you have a lot to offer others, that you can you.

Modern-day granny dumping doesn't involve hauling seniors up the sides of mountains, but driving them to hospitals or the offices of nearby charities and, essentially, giving them up for adoption.

"There are a lot of people who have a certain amount of income but who still live in poverty and struggle terribly with relatives who can't look after themselves," social worker .

Granny dumping's revival signals another side effect of the demographic time bomb.

Fujita works in Saitama prefecture, where he said there are roughly 10 abandoned elders per year.

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