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It may not sound like much in terms of a date, but unless you've never heard of Liverpool or its history, this is a famous, worthwhile place to go.It's a hotspot to show off your local knowledge and also point authoritatively at the places The Beatles used to drink.This was one of the conditions required by the Hesketh family when they made land available for development in the 19th century.Hesketh Park at the northern end of the town is named after them, having been built on land donated by Rev. The earliest recorded human activity in the region was during the Middle Stone Age, when mesolithic hunter gatherers were attracted by the abundant red deer and elk population, as well as the availability of fish, shellfish and woodland.The Ainsdale sand dunes have been designated as a national nature reserve and a Ramsar site.Local fauna include the Natterjack toad and the Sand lizard.If you're after a laugh, then you won't regret going to The Slaughter House.

It's kind of hidden away though, so if you find it, you're in for a treat.

At that time, the area, known as South Hawes, was sparsely populated and dominated by sand dunes.

At the turn of the 19th century, the area became popular with tourists due to the easy access from the nearby Leeds and Liverpool Canal.

The population was scattered thinly across the region and it was at the northeast end of Otergimele (present day Crossens), where blown sand gave way to alluvial deposits from the River Ribble estuary, that a small concentration of people occurred.

The alluvium provided fertile agricultural land and the river itself stocks of fish.

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