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The blouse is short sleeved, it has 3 convenient pockets and lateral slits.The trousers are long, they have a lace to string them up and an elastic band in the back, they don’t have pockets.MKD-Medicale specializat in importul si comercializarea de consumabile medicale , instrumente medicale, articole din hartie pentru sistemul industrial (prosoape de hartie, role medicale), articole de unica folosinta , consumabile saloane de infrumusetare, uniforme de lucru, detergenti si dezinfectanti, aparatura medicala.Produse: - articole din hartie: role medicale (role cearceaf hartie), role prosop hartie, prosoape de hartie pliate, hartie igienica, role industriale - articole de unica folosinta: manusi de examinare latex, manusi de vinil, manusi de menaj, halate de laborator, halate de protectie, masti chirurgicale, bonete bufante, botosi de unica folosinta, manusi chirurgicale, sorturi, acoperitori maneci …; - consumabile pentru SPA: chiloti de unica folosinta, cearceafuri de unica folosinta, cearceaf parargil, folie pentru impachetari, huse de pat, papuci de unica folosinta, kimonouri de unica folosinta, bentite, ceara epilat - consumabile medicale: seringi de unica folosinta, ace seringa, plasturi, cutii deseuri medicale, manusi chirurgicale, branule, perfuzoare, lame de bisturiu, apasatoare de limba, leucoplast, sisteme de recoltare, …

Adv Biomed Res 2016;3How to cite this URL: Sani ZA, Savand-Roomi Z, Vojdanparast M, Sarafan S, Seifi A, Nezafati P.Adv Biomed Res [serial online] 2016 [cited 2018 Jan 11];3. 2016/5/1/203/192630Congenital absence of the pericardium is a rare abnormality characterized by the absence of part or all of the pericardium frequently due to the failure of pericardial development secondary to premature atrophy of the left duct of Cuvier, which then fails to nourish the left pleuropericardial membrane.Regarding its location, complete absence of the left side is seen in 35% of cases, and other defects include diaphragmatic surface in 17%, total bilateral absence in 9%, and right-sided defect in only 4% of cases.A 49-year-old male sought medical attention for palpitations and was referred to our echocardiography laboratory for structural assessment of the heart.The patient suffered from an occasional palpitation in the prior weeks without a history of dyspnea, chest discomfort, or any notable extracardiac symptom.

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