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He used bloodletting (a supposedly therapeutic technique which removed blood from the body), bathing, exercise, and dieting to treat depression.

In contrast to Hippocrates' view, the famous Roman philosopher and statesman Cicero argued that melancholia was caused by violent rage, fear and grief; a mental explanation rather than a physical one.

Hippocrates, a Greek physician, suggested that personality traits and mental illnesses were related to balanced or imbalanced body fluids called humours.

There were four of these humours: yellow bile, black bile, phlegm and blood.

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Hippocrates classified mental illnesses into categories that included mania, melancholia (depression), and phrenitis (brain fever).

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Most people thought that mentally ill people were possessed by the devil, demons, or witches and were capable of infecting others with their madness.Spanish Fly Gold can be dissolved in any liquid instantly or can be drink directly in mouth.Spanish Fly Gold is completely safe when used as directed.Treatments of choice included exorcisms, and other more barbaric strategies such as drowning and burning.A small minority of doctors continued to believe that mental illness was caused by imbalanced bodily humors, poor diet, and grief.

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