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As in past seasons, the artist with the best tattoo, as deemed by the judges, wins the challenge.Minor changes in the judging and associated rules have occurred throughout the seasons.Skill of the Week: Detail Flash Challenge: The remaining artists meet up with Dave and the judges at the Brooklyn Museum where they are introduced to this week's guest judge and star of the Spike miniseries Tut Avan Jogia.By working in teams of three, they have to use paint and gold leaf to design a sarcophagus.Tattoo Critique: Big Ceeze, Erik, Tyler, Matt and Chris won their head to head challenge.Human Canvas Jury: Marisa was voted as worst tattoo of the day for the lack of detail in her Sphinx tattoo.

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: Since MV's apprentice, Brian, was eliminated from the competition for the elimination tattoo, he was assigned an open canvas and could select which Master/Apprentice combo he wanted to tattoo against. Skill of the Week: Contrast Flash Challenge: The artists head to the American Museum of Natural History for their first flash challenge where they will work in teams of two to tattoo a kraken in battle on both canvas' hands at the same time with the kraken in black and grey on one hand and the enemy in any color on the other hand.In addition to assigning all the human canvases in the elimination tattoo, the winning team will also be rewarded a trip to a tattoo convention in Las Vegas provided by Kraken Rum.Each artist will pick a skull with a number on the bottom that will determine the team.He or she collaborates with the Judging Panel to finalize the voting decision.A guest judge's vote carries an equal weight to that of the regular judges.

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