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with your avatar you can walk, run, drive, teleport, meet other players, buy land, build property, create, design, sculpt, have sex, even marry.That's the most basic summary of how Second Life works - but it can also get a whole lot more complicated.Visitors should dress in time period-appropriate clothing - they take this stuff pretty seriously.There are cabaret clubs on every corner, the Charleston is the dance of choice and the preferred methods of transport are bike and tram.Virtual rape is not even remotely cool, and will get you banned.One of the more abstract aspects of the game is the ability to literally immerse yourself in another time period - the 1920s Berlin Project is a mock-up of the German capital almost exactly as it would have been in 1929.You can visit "Hell’s Asylum" (a landscape of fire and brimstone), "Everwinter" (a post apocalyptic wasteland based on the Chernobyl fallout zone) or - if you prefer something more serene - there's "Irreplaceable", a beautiful island paradise complete with a castle, forests and an underwater cave.Have you played Second Life, or a similar virtual world such as Blue Mars or Twinity? Let us know in the poll or leave a comment explaining exactly what you love about online worlds!

In fact, the possibilities of this game are almost endless.However if you're using your avatar to strip or perform sexually, you might need to make a one-time phone call to verify your gender - some players don't like it when that girl they're flirting with is actually a guy - so it might be a good idea to have a female friend on standby to make that call. Play by the rules, kids.)You'll also need time - there's no way to get rich quick on Second Life, but if you're willing to put in 30 hours a week you might start to reap the benefits.Don't think you're going to get laid five times a night just by hanging around in a nightclub.You still need to make the effort - people like Second Life because it resembles an alternate real world, remember, and real world rules still apply.Start with customizing your avatar to look desirable, and take the time to flirt.

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