Employment and support allowance backdating

What is the target group for Employment and Support Allowance?

Employment and Support Allowance is aimed at people whose capability for work is limited by a physical or mental condition and the limitation is such that it is not reasonable to require them to work. People who are assessed as having the severest disabilities or health conditions will go into the ‘support group’ and be exempt from the Work Focused Interviews.

There are some circumstances were benefit can be awarded from an earlier date.

Any request for backdating should be made as soon as possible as strict time limits apply.

ESA aims to ensure that no-one is written off and that everyone who is able to work is given assistance to help them back into employment.

It is a new way of helping people with an illness or disability move into work, rather than stay on benefits.

ESA offers personalised support and financial help for customers who are not able to work.

Support Group customers are people who are so severely ill or disabled it is unreasonable to require them to engage in work-related activity as a condition for receiving ESA.

Support Group customers will have periodical medical assessment reviews (every three years at a maximum).

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