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Date: Sat Jan 11 2003 Name: Suzanne Chiasson E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: CHIASSON, NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: Looking for history of Chiasson. Any info on these individuals & their families & ancestry is appreciated. They had five children - Helen (1896), Duncan (1897), George (? MARY MACEACHERN then remarried to WILLIAM CONNELL and moved to Pictou. Bill was born in Mabou, Cape Breton and was the son of John Beaton Mac Killop and Christina Mac Donald. Date: Sat Mar 19 2005 Name: Teresa Mac Eachern E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: Looking to locate a place in Cape Bretom called Gillisville, I know it is in Cape Breton County Date: Sat Mar 19 2005 Name: John Shapter E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: MCKINNON, CHAPTER NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: Guess you guys must be getting tired of me as a lady said back a little futher. There may be an association with the Knapp and Munro families. My Moore family is from Linden, NS (1818)then to Amherst, NS (till 1888) and on to Port Elgin, NB. Date: Mon Mar 28 2005 Name: JANET LEBLANC E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: LEBLANC NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: HI MY NAME IS JANET LEBLANC. Dougall and Mary had a son Angus born Febuary 1923. She was from Scotland and fell in love with a coachman and fled to Canada.My GGGGrandfather's name was Thimothy Chiasson. Date: Sat Jan 11 2003 Name: Kathy Cyr E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: BREWER & MACEACHERN NOTE: County: Qrytext: Looking for any information on a JOHN BREWER who married MARY MACEACHERN (born in Bay St. Date: Sun Jan 12 2003 Name: Isabel Reynolds E-mail: Isabelle [email protected]: none Surnames: GILLIS, JOHN ARCHIE SON OF GILLIS GILLIS NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: My father, John Archie Gillis was born on Nov. We are trying to find out if we have the the coorect spelling ? Joe Date: Wed Jan 15 2003 Name: james reilly E-mail: [email protected],rr,com URL: Surnames: james reilly NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: marrage to jaen reily at holly redemer chuch whitney pier 1870 on Date: Thu Jan 16 2003 Name: wilin E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: photos NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: hi i am looking for old photos of north street glace bay back in the 1950 or 60 wilma Date: Fri Jan 17 2003 Name: Mike Hughes E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: MACLEAN, CAPSTICK, BARRON, MACNEIL, BROWN, DONAHUE, NOTE: County: Victoria Qrytext: Date: Sun Jan 19 2003 Name: D Smiley E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: COOK NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: Looking for the parents of Thelma Catherine Cook. May 23,1910, mar 1936 James Thomas Donovan Date: Mon Jan 20 2003 Name: D. HE was married twice (Rachel and then Barbara) Date: Tue Mar 15 2005 Name: Ann-Marie Buckley E-mail: URL: Surnames: NOTE: County: Qrytext: Date: Wed Mar 16 2005 Name: Pam E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: WILSON, WIGHT (MCIVER OR MCIVOR), NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: Hi, Am looking for any information on a Robert Wilson who came to Alberta around 1905 or later, via Glace Bay, Cape Breton. May have married an Anna Belle Wight (nee Mc Iver). I am looking for the family or decendants of Daniel Mc Kinnon and Mary Chapter. I believe he probably followed other family members to Boston. Actual family members are listed as follows: Rannie, Alex, Patrick, Joseph, Ambrose, Lillian, Frances, Margaret, Hughena, Catherine, Agnes, and Angela. Some of the story has it that they were chased to the dock by family and when they were too late to stop them, she was disowned by the family.I am looking for pictures of Cote's from Glace Bay and any old pictures of the Mullins or Gallants from Main-a- Dieu. Date: Sat Feb 1 2003 Name: Wanda E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: MACMULLIN, MCMULLIN, MACLEAN, MCLEAN NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: I'm looking for info on the M(a)c Mullins of the Sydney Mines area. I know Mary Jo had an aunt named Jessie Mac Mullin that married a Dan Mc Lean of Rear Ottawa Brook. TIA Wanda Date: Sun Feb 2 2003 Name: Alan Mc Leod E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: Is there anyone doing any research on early settlers established in NE margaree and Forest Glen Area. if you have any information on the name of this book i would appreciate it. He had the following children, Joseph Alexander Dob. Jack,donnie, Colleen, Paul, Anne,bernadette, Michill e. Just put in the area then click on the initial of the school etc and post a message. Date: Thu Mar 6 2003 Name: E-mail: URL: Surnames: macinnis NOTE: County: Qrytext: Date: Sat Mar 8 2003 Name: Colin Macgregor Stevens E-mail: [email protected]: BEATON; Mc KAY NOTE: County: Inverness Qrytext: BEATON - Searching for links and info on Daniel Hector BEATON and wife Anna Mc LEAN, and their daughter Mary Sarah BEATON (b circa 1863; died c. Looking to trace back in time from Mary Sarah BEATON. They were Presbyterrian & belong to St Andrews United Church. Date: Sun Mar 16 2003 Name: John Campbell E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: CAMPBELL, RORY NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: I am looking for the parents of Rory Campbell who settled on the Morley Road and married Elizabeth Mackinnon and also the date of their Marriage . Date: Sun Mar 16 2003 Name: Kathleen Wallage E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: Timmins, Burns NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: I am interested in finding out more information about a Jack Timmins he married a Martha Burns about 1890(a guess really)They lived in Cape Breton, I am guessing the New Waterford area. 1914,(he was the youngest)Flossie, Lillian and John. Would anyone happen to know about or be related to Arichibald Mac Donald and Sarah Mac Kinnon (? They had a large family, my family comes from one of their sons, Alan Mac Donald born 1875 . Date: Sat Mar 5 2005 Name: cris Mac Doanld E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: MACGREGOR NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: I heard of an aunt , Mac Gregor, in Syndey Mines unfortunately probably passed away, who was related to the Mac Donalds . late 1800's was when they raised their children there. he was born 1910 in cape breton and married Sara J Mac Eachern born in antigonish co. I would like to see if anyone has information on either of these names from cape breton area with thorburn relatives. Had one son Fraser Wilfred Matheson(born August 19th, died October 14th, 2001). If anyone can help please email me at [email protected]: Tue May 24 2005 Name: Jo Anne Mac Donald E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: Mac Donalds and Mc Isaacs NOTE: County: Unknown Qrytext: I am seeking information on the family of Alexander ( Alxer)Mc Donald. He may have arrived at PEI around 1790 with his parents or he may have been born in PEI. Alexr would have left PEI before he was 10 years old. Among them would be Daniel, Lauchlan married to Margaret Mc Lean, Flora, Christie married to a James Quirk, Margaret, Mary, and Janet married to a Mc Lean. Mary, daughter of Angus and Sarah Mc Donald of Giant's Lake Guysborough County, married a Mc Namara sometime between 18. I don't believe my grandmother is from originally from Minto ( Would anyone have any more details on the children of Laurent and Marie- Anne Le Blanc ( bin/igm.cgi? Cherry E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: BOWES FOQUETT BARKER GORDON NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: John b. Their daughter Elizabeth FOQUETT BOWES married Matthew BARKER 12/23/1834.

I don't know if I'm on the right track, but if you can provide me with some information as to where I could look I would greatly appreciate it. They had 8 children: Muriel Katherine, Thomas, Angus, Morrow, Jeremiah Jr., George, Edmond and J. Please contact me and I will give you information Kay Date: Sat Feb 8 2003 Name: Gwen Rusnell E-mail: [email protected]: MACDONALD & CAMPBELL NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: I am trying to locate a book which contains information on my parents Donald A Mac Donald of river denys nova scotia and Mary flora Campbell they were married in July 2, 1955(i believe around Detroit Michigan) this book also contains other family history as well. Conti E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: MACKILLOP, MCKILLOP, MACDONALD, MCDONALD NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: Seeking info on my grandmother, Elizabeth (Libby) Mac Killop b2/10/1920? Her parents were Charles Mac Killop and Florence (Flora) Macdonald. PLEASE SOMEONE MUST KNOW OF MY MOTHER Date: Wed Mar 5 2003 Name: Jewel Brown E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: BROWN NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: Could someone please help me with an obituary or census information for a James Brown b.1833 Sydney Mines & died May 4, 1911 in Sydney Mines. He was the son of Donald John & Mary(Mc Askill)Mc Keigan from St. Date: Fri Feb 18 2005 Name: John Shapter E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: CHAPTER - MCKINNON NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: I am searching for the wife of Daniel Mc Kinnon. Please note spelling of her maiden name as it could have been spelt with a C or S. 1881 Nova Scotia Census, Richmond County, Arichat West, Margarit MCNEIL Widow Female Dutch age 46 Nova Scotia Catholic [living with John & Isabella Mc Neil]. 1901 Nova Scotia Census, Richmond County, West Arichat, Drinkwater Margeret, Female, Wife, Married, born Dec 20 1829, age 71. 1891 Nova Scotia Census, Richmond County, West Arichat 182, Drinkwater Margaret, Female, age 58, Married, Wife. Paroisse Notre Dame de l'Assomption, Arichat, Richmond County, Nova Scotia, Line 409. 15, 1855 / John Mc Neil, Mary [sic] Greencorn / Witnesses: None Listed / Priest: C. Mc Lean b.9/17/1891 5)Danial Mc Lean b.12/4/1895 6)Edward Mc Lean b.7/16/1898 7)sadie Ann Mc Lean b.1901-03 m. Mary is purported to be a descendant of either Donald Tracadie Mac Donald or Ronald Maple Hill Mac Donald. He married Nora Smith and had the following children: 1. Ann's Cape Breton on the Barque Breadalbane, settled in Waipu. When I talked to my father, he did not know any of his father's relatives (or even the names of them).Her brother Edmond, born in Cape Breton also later moved with a different family (possibly named Mr and Mrs Thomas Costigan) of Boston , Mass. BRUSHETT, BREWER, or MACDOUGALL NOTE: County: Qrytext: I am looking for information on a John Alexander who took the name Campbell from the family who raised him. His listed birthdate would make him a perfect candidate as the brother of my gg grandmother Catherine b. I'm also looking to confirm that the John Morrison living next door to Peggy and Neil MATHESON may well be another Morrison brother to Catherine. I need help in finding 2nd Wife(name unk) Please contact me Thank you Carole Date: Fri Feb 28 2003 Name: Winifred Davies E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: DAVIES NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: Evan John Davies from Glace Bay was my father. 1871, Arichat; married Henry De Wolfe (nee' Edouard Henri Wolfe, b. Does anyone need more information about him for Cape Breton history? Margaret Crothers Date: Sat Jan 29 2005 Name: Sonja Chavez E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: Bonnar, Bonner NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: I am looking for information about James and Elizabeth Bonnar who had (at the time of the 1871? William was my great grandfather,he married Sarah Matilda Young 1880,they had 6 girls. Date: Tue Feb 1 2005 Name: Blaine Nicholson E-mail: [email protected] URL: Surnames: CLIMO or CLEMO or cremo NOTE: County: Qrytext: LOOKING FOR NOEL AND MARGARETTE CLIMO or CLEMO or CREMO NOT SURE ON THE SPELLING HAVE SEEN IT ALL THREE WAYS BELIEVED TO BE FROM ESKASONI AREA AND BELIEVED TO HAVE 3 CHILDREN ELLA , BORN 1892 SADIE BORN 1895 AND SON JOSEPH BORN 1900 SADIE WAS MY GRANDMOTHER. She married (2) EDWARD DRINKWATER in West Arichat, Richmond County, Nova Scotia(5). Since Hughey and Kathleen were taking care of the baby for several months now, they were growing very attached to him and wanted to keep him and raise him as their own son.Date: Wed Jan 1 2003 Name: Theresa E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: HICKEY NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: Laura Turnbull who posted items in 1999 re the Hickey family. He married Melinda May Roberts of Ingonish, in 1899, he was born in about 1876 (unconfirmed) and died in 1928 or 1929 from a heart attack at the plaster mines in Ingonish. Catherine herself is listed in the household of her son John E on the other side of Peggy and Neil. Date: Sun Feb 23 2003 Name: Barbara Wrathall E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: WRATHALL and RALPHS and CHRISTOFF NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: Trying to find anything to do with my relatives, who are listed above. My grandfather was Hector Robertson of Little Glace Bay. Date: Mon Feb 24 2003 Name: Eleen O' Donovan E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: O' Brien, Le Blanc or white NOTE: County: Unknown Qrytext: searching for Peter White (Le Blanc) born in France in 1852,also O'brien,anything on the family ,had a daughter, Mary bridget Born in 1862 wife of Peter ,they were from Nfld and before that I t could be N. Date: Wed Feb 26 2003 Name: Ken Mac Callum E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: Mac Callum NOTE: County: Inverness Qrytext: Date: Thu Feb 27 2003 Name: Carole A. There were 3 more children born: Gladys, Wilbur, & Edith. When he died in June of 1969, I was living (and had been living for some time) in Toronto. NS census) 6 children- Alexander, George, Levina, Mary Jane, Robert and William. SO IF YOU CAN PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE PUT CLIMO FAMILY IN YOUR SUJECT BOX WHEN SENDING E- MAIL DUE TO SO MANY VIRUSES IT WILL MAKE IT SAFER TO OPEN I THANK YOU VERY MUCH AND ANY LEADS WILL BE SO MUCH APPREACIATED. Thank you Date: Wed Feb 9 2005 Name: Lorie Morris E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: Mac Donald Beaton NOTE: County: Inverness Qrytext: Hi there!! She married (1) JOHN MCNEIL in Arichat, Richmond County, Nova Scotia(4). He was born in Nova Scotia(6),(7),(8), and died Bef. Children of MARGARET GREENCORN and JOHN MCNEIL are: i. One day Kathleen received a letter in the mail from Mary Mc Donald and Kathleen got very upset and thought that Mary was coming back for her son.Flora's parents were John (or Rod) & Jessie Mc Donald. NUTTALL and moved to Moncton, NB., and Muriel who did not marry. I was told that the county of Antigonish was called Sydney County and therefore any records could be in the Sydney, Nova Scotia area. HE WAS MARRIED TO MY GRANDMOTHER ROSE (CAMPBELL) LESLIE ON OR AROUND THE YEAR 1918 WHEN MY FATHER WAS BORN ON DECEMBER 11/1918. Date: Sun Feb 16 2003 Name: Beth E-mail: [email protected] URL: Surnames: RUTLEDGE, POOLE NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: Looking for family of Beulah (Poole) Rutledge who was married to Blake Rutledge of Glace Bay. Date: Tue Feb 18 2003 Name: barb E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: AYRE NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: I was trying to get a message to a [email protected] the person was looking for information on a William Ayre. Date: Wed Feb 19 2003 Name: Margaret Ellen Wentzell E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: CUMMINGS, MACLEOD NOTE: County: Qrytext: I am looking for information about my mother, Doneena Cummings Mac Leod, b. My mother name was Mildred Florence Campbell Thank you Lorne Mac Neil Date: Tue Mar 4 2003 Name: Marianne Mac Donald E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: MC / MACDOANLD, FERGUSON, SPENCER, NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: Looking for Alexander MCDONALD m Rachel FERGUSON. Date: Tue Feb 15 2005 Name: Madaline Campbell E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: MACASKILL, MACQUARRIE NOTE: County: Qrytext: I AM TRYING TO FIND OUT INFORMATION ABOUT MY G-G- GRANDMOTHER HER NAME WAS SARAH MACASKILL BORN MARRIED LAUCHLIN MACQUARRIE ABOUT 1849. SARAH MACASKILL MARRIED TO LAUCHLIN MACQUARRIE, HAD A SISTER ISABELLA MACASKILL BORN . He thinks she re-married and was living in Halifax during the 1960's. Date: Sat May 28 2005 Name: Sandi Mc Intyre E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: MCGLASHING, CAMERON NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: Doing genealogy on our grandparents - from Amherst - Chester Basin - moved aroung quite a bit looking for work. Eliza Butler born new brunswick daughter of Michael Butler.Alexander and Flora had four children: my grandfather, John Wilson Gillis, Annie who married John Knox ROSS,who was born in Pictou, NS., May Beatrice who married (1)a Mr. I am looking in particular school records for Linwood, Antigonish County. Elizabeth soon followed her and later had a daughter named Walburga (Bucky). Would appreciate all information and hearing from relatives. If anyone knows of her or her family I would like to hear from you. They are listed in the 1860-61 & 1871 census for Cape Breton. Offspring Daniel (Donald/Dan) MCDONALD m Ruth SPENCER Date: Tue Mar 4 2003 Name: Marianne E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: HUNTER' S mountain NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: Wondering how this mountain got it's name of "Hunter's Mountain. FROM THE CENSUS RECORDS BOTH WERE BORN IN CAPE BRETON. Date: Sat Feb 26 2005 Name: Teresa Mac Eachern E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: NOTE: County: Inverness Qrytext: looking for information on an industrial accident in which a man was killed in Inverness 1946 Also would like to hear from folks who attented St Joseph"s Convent school in Mabou in 1947 Date: Mon Feb 28 2005 Name: Judy Mac Intyre E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: MACINTYRE NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: Does anyone know of a company in Sydney called Bain and Gardiner Company? We don't know what the name of her second husband was if she did re-marry. There has yet to be any type of official contact between my father and any member of his biological family. He married Betsy (or Bessie) Jane Campbell of Baddeck and they had three daughters, Mary (born 1900), Katherine (born 1907) and Anne (born 1911). had the following children born in nova scotia joseph born 1861 richard 1866 maryann 1858 sara and nancy 1863 cannot find anything on them in nova scotia, all my resources in new brunswick are found, need to know where they were born who were the parents of David? hope someone out there can help [email protected]: Thu Jun 9 2005 Name: Jerry Le Blanc E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: LEBLANC NOTE: County: Inverness Qrytext: Hi, Well, I guess this is really strange.

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