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Thinking about the imaginary problem loosens people up and puts them into a playful mood. Some imaginary problem topics might include these: 4. A typical session should be limited to about fifteen or twenty minutes. You should probably not go beyond thirty minutes, though thirty is the "ideal" length recommended by Alex Osborn. No attempt should be made to put the list in any particular order. First, ideas thought of since the previous session should be shared (entered on the photocopied lists). By not doing so, we are in danger of cutting off many new ideas. Then the group should evaluate each of the ideas and develop the most promising ones for practical application. ______________________________________________________________________ What If. Choose one of the questions below and then trace the reasonable and logical consequences that would follow. Make them as simple as just adding eyes, or you can embellish them with bows, smiley faces, noses, etc. Witch Hat - This Witch hat will be a great addition to all the Halloween decor for that fun Halloween Party or get together!You'll remember the five creative methods we discussed in the Introduction to Creative Thinking: evolution, synthesis, revolution, reapplication, changing direction. These questions are especially useful for generating ideas for improving something (the evolutionary approach), but they also help to break thinking out of the evolutionary mode and put it into the revolutionary mode by returning the thinker to the origin and purpose of the idea or solution. What-iffing is a tool for releasing the mind, for delivering us from being blocked by reality. A checklist of available tools used in your ordinary work can also be helpful.Many classic creative thinking techniques make use of one or more of these methods. (Agency or Method) How was it, could it be, should it be done, prevented, destroyed, made, improved, altered? By returning to the roots of the problem, a new vision can be created. In its simplest form, what-iffing involves describing an imagined action or solution and then examining the probable associated facts, consequences, or events. These lists might be called availability reminders.

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Describe each improvement in a sentence or two (why is it an improvement? Note: Remember that some of the major problems in modern living are too much noise, too much information, too many decisions, too much complexity, together with a general lack of quality and reliability. Listing each condition to be met or part to be covered will assure that none are overlooked.Choose one of the following problems for a brainstorming session. Then you could ask, "What can I do with 800 million heavy things? " Further, you can focus on each identified attribute and ask questions about it, like this: What can heavy things be used for? Generate at least 35 ideas for solving the problem. paperweights, ship ballast, podium anchors, tree stands, scale weights, and so on What can be done with metal things? ) Brainstorming is useful for attacking specific (rather than general) problems and where a collection of good, fresh, new ideas (rather than judgment or decision analysis) are needed. In fact, in every session, there should be several ideas so bizarre that they make the group laugh. Horizontal holes were drilled into the wet soil and liquid nitrogen was pumped in, freezing the water until the tunnel could be dug and cemented. Make the electric windings out of copper pipe instead of wire and pump helium through them. Pay them with something other than money--like an emotional, spiritual, or intellectual reward or even a practical value-added reward like better networking or job contacts? There are two reasons for desiring a large quantity. We could line roads with piles of rocks to keep cars from damage when control was lost on dangerous corners. Crushed rock pits could be used to jump into by athletes. You could see the perfume as it wafted off the girl wearing it--a visible "come on." Since we can see farther than we can smell, you could see who had an orange or banana or Limburger cheese sandwich in his lunch bag from across the room. You may want to design the look of the cereal box also as part of the advertisement. A new company has been formed through the merger of two conglomerates, AXA Inc. The new company now makes food items (bread, cake mix, cereal, soup), household products (light bulbs, telephones, dishwashing detergent), and original equipment for manufacturers (automobile mufflers and shock absorbers).For example, a specific problem like how to mark the content of pipes (water, steam, etc.) would lend itself to brainstorming much better than a general problem like how the educational system can be improved. Remember that practical ideas very often come from silly, impractical, impossible ones. We've already talked about gold plating electrical contacts. That is what's actually done in some plants, doubling the output of the generators. First, the obvious, usual, stale, unworkable ideas seem to come to mind first, so that the first, say, 20 or 25 ideas are probably not going to be fresh and creative. (Time or Timing) When will, did, should this occur or be performed? On the other hand, rock grinding wheels wouldn't work anymore. Visible odors could be socially embarrassing in ways not necessary to detail. Your task is to create a new name for this company that will be attractive, memorable, and distinctive, and if possible, reflect the kinds of products the company makes and the market it serves.

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