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• Make sure you have a copy of the school’s bell schedule and your student’s schedule • Monitor attendance on line by using the Parent Portal and getting your parent login number (see school registrar for access).

• According to state law, we are not permitted to excuse students who are kept away from school for baby-sitting, or other work or non-school related activities.All absences must be explained or verified by the parent/guardian, or a medical or professional person via letter, note, fax or an absence report form via the website within 5 days of the first day of absence.We do not excuse an absence after the 5-day period.• Parent/Guardian MUST SHOW VALID PROOF OF IDENTITY to check out a student (The person must be named on the student’s Emergency Form) • If there is a disagreement about an absence, the burden of proof is on the student and not on the school.The student needs to prove that he or she was present (show evidence in the form of class notes or a quiz done in that class on that date.) • Excusing a student when they arrive late to school or miss classes must be based on a verifiable illness, a medical or professional visit. • A student who leaves the campus, without a valid medical reason or prior permission is not excused.

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