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A bubble of clear pre-cum formed at the tip of his cock and then dripped downward in a viscous string as Lana looked on with mounting excitement.They were now ready for what was about to come next...In the middle, forming a T-junction, was an inlet pipe attached to a clear plastic tube.In the two previous sessions, as in the original Japanese video, the tube had been connected to a funnel, but now, Todd had changed it so that it joined to a semi-rigid, condom-like attachment.After they viewed the footage together, Todd and Lana fucked until the windows rattled and they agreed to try the idea themselves.They had done so twice already and then Todd suggested a novel twist on the basic idea. One whole wall of Lana's bathroom was done completely in mirror tiles and the stark white glare of the fluorescent lighting added another dimension of eroticism to the proceedings.

Todd murmured something she didn't quite catch but it was clear he was impressed at the sheer volume of her effort.

There was also a small pitcher on the towel, along with a tube of lubricant and a small clamp.

Todd held up the device and, again, Lana experienced a rush of delicious anticipation. Todd, unscrewed the top from the tube of lubricant and then carefully coated each nozzle thickly.

Todd now sat back and shuffled forward, allowing his his legs to interlock around hers.

Balancing himself carefully on one hand, he lifted his ass and then began to work the second nozzle into his own rectum.

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