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('Uncle Samie's Shop') is 150 meters from the apartment, and the Stellenbosch Tourism & Information Bureau 250 meters away.

Very close to Stellenbosch University, Paul Roos Gymnasium School and Stellenbosch Medi-Clinic.

EEOC has designated a Disability Program Manager (DPM) to oversee the reasonable accommodation program agency-wide.[2] All requests for reasonable accommodation will be handled by the DPM. As part of the reasonable accommodation interactive process, the DPM will obtain and evaluate documentation supporting an accommodation request (such as medical documentation demonstrating that the requestor is an individual with a disability), whenever the disability or need for accommodation is not obvious.

If a request is given to a manager or supervisor rather than directly to the DPM, that individual should forward the request immediately and must do so within 2 business days. Sometimes EEOC may be able to address an employees impairment-related needs outside the reasonable accommodation process.

When an employee makes a request for reasonable accommodation that involves performance of the job, the DPM will work with the employees supervisor to ensure that an appropriate accommodation is provided that meets the individuals disability-related needs and enables the individual to perform the essential functions of the position. For example, EEOC has an ergonomic program available to all employees who may require special equipment to address or prevent various ailments.

Under the ergonomic program, for instance, an employee with carpal tunnel syndrome may request a specialized chair or wrist pad.

(This document is available at and on EEOCs intranet site, Requests under these procedures, as well as requests under the ergonomic program, should be directed to the DPM.While the DPM will handle all requests for reasonable accommodations, supervisors, managers, and office directors often will need to be consulted about specific requests. Resolution of the Reasonable Accommodation Request H. Inquiries and Distribution Appendix A/Confirmation of Request for Reasonable Accommodation Form Appendix B/ Resolution of Reasonable Accommodation Request Form Appendix C/Reasonable Accommodation Information Reporting Form Appendix D/Utilizing Sign Language Interpreters at Headquarters Appendix E/Staff Assistant Slots Appendix F/Selected Reasonable Accommodation Resources Executive Order 13164 requires all Federal Agencies to establish procedures on handling requests for reasonable accommodation. Time Frame for Processing Requests and Providing Reasonable Accommodations (including expedited processing and extenuating circumstances) G. Relation of Procedures to Statutory and Collective Bargaining Claims K.

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