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He has worked to educate and inform about 500 families/individuals over the past 28 years.

He has given dozens of talks to church, civic, college/university, and government groups.

His formal education includes some college but no degree.

He enjoys fishing, hunting, dog training, gardening, and his family when he is not sharing cult awareness information.

Ha publicado un libro y varios artículos sobre abuso psicológico en contextos grupales, involucración y abandono de grupos de manipulación psicológica y las consecuencias psicológicas de la pertenencia a estos grupos.

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She is principal researcher of a project entitled: Psychological abuse, influence and adaptation to violence in partner relationships, which was financed by the Comunidad de Madrid and Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

She was the 2005 recipient of ICSA’s Margaret Singer Award, given in honor of her research into the development of measures relevant to cultic studies. Carmen Almendros, es Profesora Contratada Doctora en el Departamento de Psicología Biológica y de la Salud de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

Miembro del Comité de Directores de ICSA y Co-Editora de la revista International Journal of Cultic Studies.

She has been interviewed by numerous newspapers and radio and TV stations concerning cults.

She is currently working on articles for publication in professional journals and is a contributing author of a chapter in a textbook for mental health professionals, entitled Values and Ethics in Counseling: Real-Life Ethical Decision Making.

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