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But as the movie reveals, it was more than a bit of writer’s block; it truly is a Dicken-esque story.

The film blends the classic Christmas story into Dickens’ real-life struggles to overcome a painful childhood when he was forced to work in a shoe blackening (polish) factory after his father was sent away to debtors prison.

The move stars Patti Maguire Armstrong and her husband have ten children.

She is an award-winning author and was managing editor and co-author of Ascension Press’s Amazing Grace Series.

“For methamphetamine.” Relief floods me, and I explode with laughter. That’s probably why I wasn’t even aware the hospital administered a drug test when I checked in to give birth.

My everyday routine as a pregnant lady involves peeing on demand. When I imagined labor, I expected to pass the time by stretching on an exercise ball or pacing the hospital’s long white hallways.

The bottom of the card modifies a memorable quote from the show: “I am the one who knocks up.” In the shadow of my failed drug tests, a card celebrating a morally questionable meth cooker has become one of my most misguided ideas.

If the folks at CPS want proof I’m an unfit parent, I’m handing it to them on quality card stock, stuffed inside a pretty envelope.

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That includes modest requests, like keeping the door to my room closed, as well as more imperative things, like, “Please delay all routine procedures on the baby until after the bonding and breastfeeding period.” Occasionally I convince the staff to unhook the machines and let me move around the room for a few minutes. Movement helps distract from the contractions, allowing my body to muscle through each wicked snap. He knows me, he’s seen the way I’ve nurtured and cared for the fragile bud inside me. My husband and I have experienced loss through miscarriage, so I’ve been especially careful this pregnancy, almost to the point of superstition. My husband and my doula both hunch over their smartphones, searching for facts about asthma inhalers and drug tests.

He pitched the idea of a “Christmas ghost story” to his publisher who was not interested.

Dickens feels certain his idea would captivate readers so he decides to publish on his own even though the story was still just being fleshed out and he struggled with an ending.

The movie is about the real life events of how the novella Dickens published in 1843 came to be published at all—let alone in just six weeks.

Despite earlier success in the 1930s with his books , which brought him international acclaim, Dickens’ career had slumped.

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